Artwork 1: Jack (10) from St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Oatley has done this wonderful drawing of a grey headed flying fox. It has real character, and looks part animal and part human, like a combination of flying fox and batman, flying high to save the planet. Goodness knows we need it now!

Jack writes: This species is threatened so I thought I should draw a picture of them so I can show people that we need to protect all endangered or threatened animals. I was inspired by a picture of a blue tongue lizard on the front of the website page for the competition for the background of my artwork – a bush fire or forest fire. I wanted to show that it was threatened by putting it in a situation where its habitat would be destroyed. My artwork is to show the importance of this animal and that it needs to be safe. I decided to dedicate my drawing for their safety and importance.

Artwork 2: This artwork on the Osprey by Giles (10) from St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Oatley is very sophisticated. Giles has been able to present a ‘birds eye view’ of why the osprey is threatened, and include a ‘before and after’ concepts.

Giles writes: I have chosen the Osprey as my animal because of the decline in number. The reason for this is that their habitat is being destroyed by humans have done to the environment on the bottom half of the artwork is the old Sydney when there was lots of bright green grass and a few eco-friendly houses. In the second half of the art work it shows the city of today (roughly) with the dull coloured fauna with the big polluting buildings.